Misplaced Tigers Fan

God damn. It’s been a minute since I’ve logged in to the site. I mean, the Tigers were still winning games with semi-regularity the last time I wrote anything. You wouldn’t believe the number of notifications and emails I got in my absence wondering where I’ve been. Maybe you would. The number was zero. But still, I feel like I owe the people who might remotely give a shit and haven’t forgotten that this blog exists an explanation for my absence.

First, there was a logistical issue–I had no computer. My personal laptop took a nosedive in the spring, and I had been using my work-issued laptop to do all of my writing. I left that job in June, and as a result I was computer-less for most of the summer. Sadly, this also forced me to give up my position on the team of fantasy baseball editors for RotoBaller. I tried to figure out ways to stay on with them, but editing other people’s work with only a smartphone was not a task I was willing to undertake. The same is true with this blog: I was not about to write any long-winded posts with anything less than a laptop. No blog, not even this one, is worth carpal tunnel surgery.

On top of the fact that I had no way of writing for most of the summer was the fact that I didn’t really have time to write anyway. After leaving one job and securing another, the months of June, July, and August were spent packing, moving, unpacking, and trying to familiarize myself with a new area. I’ll talk more about that in a later post (probably).

With all the commotion, it was hard to follow the Tigers this summer. That makes me sad. Sure, the Tigers are shitty, but a fair weather fan I am not. I didn’t get to watch nearly as many games as I would have liked to, even if watching those games would have likely put me in a bad mood time and time again. With the season winding down, I feel like I missed a lot of the intricacies of what made this season so bad. I kept up on the team through highlights and articles, but nothing totally works as a stand-in for seeing the games unfold. I hope I can get back into form next season.

Anyway, all this is to say that while Musings has been awfully quiet for the last few months, it is by no means dead. We’re already thinking of ways to start putting out semi-regular content again, and hope that you will be around to read it.

Go Tigers.

What the Fuck, Shane Greene?

In his first three starts as a Tiger, Shane green was electric: 25 IP, 0.39 ERA, 11 K. In the three starts since then, he’s been a dumpster fire: 11 IP, 16.36 ERA, 10 K.



Greene showed signs of brilliance last year as a Yankee, particularly against the Tigers, against whom he allowed just two earned runs while fanning 13 in two starts last August. When Dave Dombrowski pulled the trigger to acquire Greene, it raised a few eyebrows, but he sure looked like a genius for those first three starts. Hell, some people even picked Greene as a Cy Young contender after those three. Granted, it was (and still is) way too early to be talking about Cy Young awards, but holy shit, Greene really did a 180.

Shane Greene is not a Cy Young caliber pitcher, but he is also not a batting practice pitcher. He has the potential to be a pretty solid option in the back half of the Tiger rotation. All that is to say: What the fuck, Shane Greene?

If you have any idea as to what the fuck is going on with Shane Greene, leave them in the comments below, because I haven’t got a goddamn clue.

Weekend Wrap-Up Haiku


The first two were shit.
Three and four were all right, tho.
First place vibes are chill.

The Relay, Welcome to 2015 Edition

Here at Musings, we often find ourselves scouring the internet for any Tigers information we can get our eyes on. Sometimes we stumble across some pretty interesting things; The Relay is our chance to pass them along to you. Anything you may have missed this week in a single post.

Welcome, Tigers fans, to the first Relay of 2015. We’re a few of weeks into the season and plenty has been written about our Tigers – so let’s dive right in.

It Takes a Village…
Just before Opening Day, Chris McCosky wrote about what it takes to unify the Tigers clubhouse, and the intangibles that recently-departed players Torii Hunter and Max Scherzer brought to the team.

New Tigers making an early impact
From the, ‘Well… yeah’ Department (filed under Dave Told You So) comes a write-up from Jeff Seidel about the Tigers off-season additions and how tight they are.

As Detroit Tigers evolve, success is a constant
Well what do we have here? The New York Times coming in strong with a long form about the success the Tigers have managed to find in spite of its line-up alterations.

Bizarre Tiger goes from Warren barbershop to sold out
Now we hit you with some ‘Oddly Enough’ style news; perhaps you saw the buzz surrounding this depiction of our beloved mascot a couple weeks back. Perhaps you didn’t. Either way, it made noise for its… um… inaccuracy.

Baltimore Riots Give Willie Horton ‘a flashback’ to 1967
Amid tensions in Baltimore, Tigers great Willie Horton–who actually took to the streets in full uniform in an attempt to quell the violence–reflects on Detroit’s infamous riots. During those riots Detroit actually moved their games to Baltimore.

Last, but not least…

Kirk Gibson: ‘I will meet this challenge’
It’s with heavy hearts that we include this last link. As I’m sure you’ve already read, Kirk Gibson has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. For what it’s worth, our thoughts are with the Tigers great and his family during this difficult time.

What to Make of Detroit’s Three-Game Slide

I haven’t been this happy to see the Yankees leave town since… well, the last time the Yankees left town. But that’s mostly because I hate the fucking Yankees. Still, this time around I’m particularly glad to see those buffoons to the door because of what they just did to the Tigers’ mojo. After roaring out to an 11-2 start, the Tigers dropped three straight to the Bombers to finish out a frigid series in Motown.

If this seems like a familiar story, it should, even if the circumstances are a little different. Last year the Tigers also got off to a hot start, going 27-12 through May 18 before being swept by the Racist Mascots in Cleveland. Their season was never the same, as they played just three games above .500 the rest of the way. The pessimist inside me can’t help but wonder if we’ve already seen the best part of the Tigers’ season.

Until their four-game showdown with the Yanks, the Tigers boasted a potent offense that was scoring around 5.4 runs per game, scoring seven or more on six different occasions. Against New York, Detroit was able to muster only nine runs in total. What happened to the bats?

A good place to start would be the bottom third of the order, which had been incredibly productive for the Tigers through the first 13 games. Nick Castellanos, for example, had reached safely in all but one game prior to the Yankees series. Against New York, he reached base only twice and struck out six times. Alex Avila had also been on base pretty frequently during the hot stretch, finding his way aboard in all but three games and sporting a .400 OBP. Against New York, Avila was 3-9 (not bad) with no walks (bad), dropping his OBP a full 15 points in the process. The worst offender, though, was Jose Iglesias. Iggy put up a ridiculous 17 hits before squaring off against New York, but only collected two hits in the series. That’s not really his fault, since we all know his .432 BABIP won’t last forever. Still, his production at the bottom of the order has been a catalyst for the Tigers all season.

My point in all this is not that Castellanos, Avila, and Iglesias are to blame for Detroit’s little skid, but that perhaps the 11-2 start was a fluke, fueled in part by unsustainable production from the bottom third of the order. Baseball is a game of averages, and it’s not all that realistic to think that any of these three players will hit above .275 on the year. That means the rest of the batting order is going to have to do the bulk of Detroit’s damage–something they failed to do against Yankee pitching over the last four games.

We also can’t ignore the shit-show that was David Price’s outing on Wednesday. Price allowed eight earned runs over just 2.1 innings pitched before getting the hook from Ausmus. Price got his dick twisted into a pretzel the last time he faced the Yankees as well, giving up eight earned runs in two innings against New York on August 27 of last season. Those two starts, numerically speaking, were the worst two starts of David Price’s illustrious career. It sure seems like the Yankees know something the rest of the American League hasn’t been able to figure out, like when Matt Damon solved that math problem in Good Will Hunting and sent the dickish college professor into a tizzy.

With all that being said, there is also an optimist inside me, which means it’s getting real crowded up inside my body cavities. Miguel Cabrera is off to a great start. J.D. Martinez has picked up right where he left off. V-Mart is getting on base regularly, despite striking out at an inordinate rate and getting BABIPed when he puts it in play. Yoenis Cespedes has been a stud. Anthony Gose looks great. And the starting pitching (what’s up, Shane Greene?) has been lights out, other than the Price implosion and the time Anibal Sanchez got absolutely fricasseed by the White Sox. There’s a lot to like about this year’s Tiger squad.

The real question becomes, how will Detroit respond to this little setback? They’ll look to get back on track tonight as they open up a three-game set against the Racist Mascots before embarking upon a ten-game road trip Monday. They swept those bozos earlier this season, and will try to do the same again in the name of baseball and civic duty. The only people rooting against them will be the city of Cleveland and Dan Snyder, and I don’t know about you, but fuck Cleveland and Dan Snyder.

Go Tigers.

#TBT — Sparky Anderson, Pipe Smoker

It’s Thursday, so let’s do like we do when the other team hits a home run. THROW IT BACK.

To this classic image of Sparky Anderson, presented without comment.


Bless this man.

Go Tigers.